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Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's

4.50 Ranking created by neoninfusion
The 1970's was the decade that influenced the way we see tennis now. The sport became professional in 1968 but it wasn't until the 70's that it started to become a truly international sport that attracted a wide audience. Players such as Conners and Borg lead the pack at the end of the decade (McEnroe didn't really emerge until 1980), while previous greats like Newcombe and Rosewall were finding their feet in a new multi-tiered professional world. Who was the greatest player of the 1970's? Statstics pertain only to the 1970's.   
Views: 24 944  |   Votes: 39   |   Comments: 0  |   Favorites: 3  |   Ratings: 4
Geez, I know this guy looks like he's been stranded on an island for months and he's calling out to an airplane for help but dude, you actually chose to have the caveman look so don't be so excited (jestein123)
Retired early..but the greatest of all time in my opinion (Freya)
B Borg is excellent palyer, (abhi2810)
  Name Achievements Score*
Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Bjorn Borg Bjorn Borg Had the highest ever winning % in Grand Slam match history and career matches 82.19 (New)
Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Jimmy Connors Jimmy Connors Held #1 spot for a record of 160 consecutive weeks which only Fed has bettered 78.03 (New)
Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's John Newcombe John Newcombe Won all Majors except the French and was the number 1 player from 1970 to 1974 42.59 (New)
4. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Guillermo Vilas Guillermo Vilas Won 3 of the 4 Majors and one season ending championship 41.93 (New)
5. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's John McEnroe John McEnroe Won the final Major of the decade and two season ending championships 40.03 (New)
6. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Ilie Năstase Ilie Năstase Won the season ending championships 4 times 30.69 (New)
7. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Arthur Ashe Arthur Ashe Won 2 Slams and 1 season ending championship 26.41 (New)
8. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Ken Rosewall Ken Rosewall Won Australian and US Opens, finalist at Wimbledon. 25.38 (New)
9. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Stan Smith Stan Smith Won 2 season ending championships at the start of the 70's 17.71 (New)
10. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Vitas Gerulaitis Vitas Gerulaitis Won one season ending championship 17.41 (New)
11. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Manuel Orantes Manuel Orantes Beat Connors at the US Open but lost to Borg at the French after going up 2-0 7.91 (New)
12. Male Tennis Player of the Decade: 70's Roscoe Tanner Roscoe Tanner Won Australian Open 7.61 (New)
*: Evolution since June 29, 2014 Based on 39 votes
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