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Best Cheap Trick Album

4.28 Ranking created by redleg13
These guys have been around for over 30 years. Nielsen and company got their start in the Rockford, IL area in the early 70's. They toured the Midwest continuously for a number of years before Epic offered them a contract. By that time Nielsen had developes a song catalog that made up their first 3 albums. Petersson was a bassist ahead of his time. Critics have written that Robin Zander has one of the best rock voices 'gifted to a white man'. Success in Japan predated their big breakout in the states. Budokan remains one of the best live albums of its era.   
Views: 582  |   Votes: 43   |   Comments: 4  |   Favorites: 4  |   Ratings: 7
Combining the strengths of their previous recordings to make one of the great rock'n'roll albums of the 70s. (gottarank)
Great album (maxjtotsky)
Side A, Side 1. Simply the best. (kens)
  Album Key Songs Score*
Best Cheap Trick Album Heaven Tonight Heaven Tonight California Man, Auf Wiedersehen,Surrender 67.76 (=)
Best Cheap Trick Album Cheap Trick Cheap Trick Hot Love, He's a Whore 51.97 (=)
Best Cheap Trick Album Dream Police Dream Police Need Your Love, Dream Police 47.31 (+ 1)
4. Best Cheap Trick Album At Budokan At Budokan Surrender, I Want You to Want Me 46.66 (- 1)
5. Best Cheap Trick Album In Color In Color Big Eyes, Downed 31.24 (+ 2)
6. Best Cheap Trick Album Lap of Luxury Lap of Luxury The Flame, Don't Be Cruel 30.10 (- 1)
7. Best Cheap Trick Album All Shook Up All Shook Up Stop This Game,World's Greatest Lover 27.69 (- 1)
8. Best Cheap Trick Album Woke Up With a Monster Woke Up With a Monster Cry Baby 21.65 (=)
*: Evolution since May 17, 2013 Based on 43 votes
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Comments (4)  
March 5, 2011 by gottarankReply
Rick Nielsen continues to be one of the most underrated guitarists in rock history. A great guitarist AND a gifted songwriter. His best album tracks are dynamic, melodic, memorable.
July 18, 2010 by bopReply
Many albums have been overlooked. Did BUDOKAN really peak at #26? Seemed like it was #1 all summer!
April 15, 2008 by redleg13Reply
It could be a lot better. I have about ten rankings I need to shape up over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the input.
April 15, 2008 by reptaboyReply
This ranking could be easily improved by adding a total of 6 columns. Good so far but could be great redleg!
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