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Best 24 Season

2.66 Ranking created by jameswilson245*
24 is an American serial action drama television series. Broadcast by Fox in the United States and syndicated worldwide. 24 is presented in real time, with each season depicting a 24-hour period in the life of Jack Bauer, who works with the U.S. government as it fights domestic threats. Bauer is often in the field for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit as they try to safeguard the nation from terrorist threats. The show also follows the actions of other CTU agents, government officials and terrorists associated with the plot.

Views: 18 288  |   Votes: 90   |   Comments: 3  |   Favorites: 2  |   Ratings: 6
Enjoyed it a lot (jameswilson245*)
Apparently it was best at the start (n-bomb)
Best action moments, eg. plane crash (fanfiction)
  Season Plot Score*
Best 24 Season Five Five A corrupt President 72.48 (=)
Best 24 Season One One Terrorists try to assassinate David Palmer and Jack Bauer 65.14 (=)
Best 24 Season Two Two Jack trys to stop a nuclear bomb going off by going undercover 64.09 (=)
4. Best 24 Season Three Three Jack trys to stop a deadly virus 55.79 (=)
5. Best 24 Season Four Four Jack trys to stop Terrorists armed with missiles 48.12 (=)
6. Best 24 Season Seven Seven Jack Bauer is facing questions in a grand jury hearing. 30.73 (+ 1)
7. Best 24 Season Six Six Terroists try to set off Nuclear Bombs 27.21 (- 1)
8. Best 24 Season Eight Eight Jack uncovers a Russian plot to assassinate a Muslim leader 20.83 (=)
*: Evolution since September 5, 2014 Based on 90 votes
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Comments (3)  
December 3, 2012 by grainguy1980Reply
My favorite is still Season 2. If I could offer one criticism of Season 2 it would be they had too many storylines and things going and left some questions unanswered at the end. I guess you can only figure out so much in 24 hours though. :)
March 3, 2012 by darviatharReply
Six is where the show jumped the shark, but Season 5 is not nearly so high on my list, due to the loss of so many favorite characters from the early seasons (You know who they are).
September 17, 2008 by reindeerfiveReply
You may want to consider adding a Year for the season, but otherwise the ranking is fine.
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